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Newborn Photoshoot Preparation Guide

Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your little one at the very beginning of their journey! This session guide will help you prepare for our newborn photoshoot so please have a read-through and if you have any questions or concerns please just drop me a message or give me a call and we can have a chat.

Please note that the temperature at the studio will be quite warm and set at a temperature recommended for the baby. Due to this, I come dressed comfortably for a warm few hours and suggest you do too! It is best to dress in layers and bring a change of clothes, just in case the baby has an accident.

Mums, please remember to remove any chipped nail polish - just in case your hands work their way in to any images.

How long does a Newborn Photoshoot last?
Sessions can be as long as 2-4 hours. This will all depend on how settled or hungry your little one is on the day. I like to allow plenty of time for top-up feeds and bum changes. All babies are different so should your little one need a little extra time there is no pressure should they take a little while to relax in to a nice milk-drunk sleep.

We have water, tea, coffee and may even have some biscuits too, but please don't hesitate to bring some snacks for yourself or your children just in case you get hungry during the session.

It is also absolutely ok to catch up with work and phone calls if you or your partner needs to during the session, as they can be quite long. Feel free to bring anything along to keep yourself entertained.


What is the plan? 

When you arrive at the studio we will have a cuppa tea and settle in. I’ll ask you to give baby a big feed, then I will settle your little one in to a lovely sleep. I will wrap your little one and we will make our way through the poses. I work to a particular flow, and will be assessing your baby throughout the session; their safety will be my priority.


Why do babies need to be asleep?

In order for me to start posing your little one, we need for them to be in a lovely deep sleep. Once they are completely relaxed I can position their little hands and curl them up in to safe and comfortable poses. If you can, try and keep baby stimulated for an hour or so before the session, this will help baby fall in to a deeper sleep at the studio. When a baby is at home, they generally do sleep all day, but they also nap a lot, and are not necessarily in a nice deep sleep. When the baby comes to the studio it will be in a completely different environment with new light, smells and sounds that they are not used to. We will also be dressing / undressing baby and moving him or her in to different props and poses,  all of which can cause baby to be a little more alert, especially if the baby is older.

What should my baby wear to the Photoshoot?

Please dress your little one in something that can be taken off without disturbing them too much. For example, an all in one with an extra blanket or two on the top, after the baby is already secured in a carseat. Please avoid tight socks, hats, baby mittens as those will leave marks on skin. I will provide babies outfits and wraps for the session.

Please avoid using any oils before the photoshoot as this may make babies skin look shiny in the photos.

Feeding Baby

If your little one is exclusively breastfed, please prepare to be patient and willing to top up a little bit more often than you normally would at home.

As I’m sure you are already aware, if you are breast-feeding, what you eat or drink will affect your little one, so in order for your baby to be comfortable during the session, I do ask that you try to avoid certain foods the day before the session. Gassy and spicy foods can upset babies tummy and as we wrap baby up we want him or her to be as comfortable as possible.

Foods to avoid if breastfeeding:

Curry, peppers, orange juice or fruit juices high in acidity. Tomatoes, beans, chocolate, coffee or green veg.


If you are expressing or formula feeding, please bring more milk than you would normally do - during the session, the baby would feed a lot more than normal, usually (2-4 times more) due to the warm temperature in the room and due to being touched and moved all the time. I do have access to a kitchen should you need any milk warming up.

If your baby has a gassy tummy and you give him any kind of drops for that at home, please bring them to use during the session too.


Parent & Sibling Photos

A lot of the time, parents opt out of having their photos taken. Perhaps the lack of sleep and giving birth has taken its toll and you're just not feeling your best. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, but I do highly recommend capturing images of those early days with your new baby. In years to come when you look back, you will cherish them! I really love photographing the connection between you and your baby.

Just as they encourage in the hospital, skin-to-skin contact creates the most beautiful images. But I do have a beautiful selection of maternity dresses and material that we can use should you wish or you can bring your own outfit, but please keep the colour neutral and avoid any patterns and logos.

Dads, if you prefer not to be shirtless for skin-to-skin images, simple neutral coloured t-shirts work best. We can discuss colours in more detail as this will depend on the backdrop you choose.

Please try to use neutral colours that compliment each other for family photographs. Please avoid clothing with logos, patterns of characters on. I’m happy to discuss this in more detail should you wish. 

Prep for Siblings

They say never work with children or animals loI to be honest I absolutely love it but I will never force a child to have their photos taken if they don’t want to… it will only show in the images if they don’t want to be there.


Having a new baby in the family can be a big transition and they may still be finding their feet with their new status of big brother or sister! Maybe even a little jealous of the new baby.  To help prepare your younger children for the session you could play “photographers” before the shoot, show them some baby-sibling images, or try out some poses using their favourite doll or teddy.Feel free to bring along any toys or treats to entertain them or encourage cooperation. 


I will do all I can to capture some sibling images at the beginning or the end of the session but I will never force them to do anything that they are not comfortable doing.


As the sessions are long i do think it can be boring for younger children. I do recommend that they join us at the end of the session for the family photos. 




I love pets! Please just let me know if you would like to include any images of your pets before the session. 



Sickness / Cancelation

If anyone in the household has been sick or has been unwell in the last 48 hours, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule the session. As I have allot of new born babies in the studio, it is important to keep the area as germ free as possible.

If you have been in contact with anybody who has Covid or have been self-isolating, please let me know! 



Location & Parking

28 Halsford Green

East Grinstead

West Sussex

RH19 1PB


The green is a one-way system and you will find plenty of parking on the road. 

Please let me know when you arrive and I will meet you at the front of the property.



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